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Wine Is Love. Wine is Life.

But let's be honest: wine is also confusing, scary, and snobby. The idea behind Vine Trainings is to offer wine enthusiasts and novices alike an opportunity to explore the world of wine, to learn more about what they like and how to recognize that, all in a safe and fun environment.


Classes are tailored to your specific interests and needs: from learning how to order wine at a business dinner to starting to build a robust personal collection, from exploring great and classic wines to bargain alternatives, my goal is to teach you what you want to learn.


Each class features not just plenty of wine, but also a customized informational packet for each attendee which highlights the wines tasted and offers my carefully-chosen suggestions for future exploration. My years as a sommelier, wine steward, and wine writer all combine to create something that's not just useful, but fun to read as well.


Wine Happy Hours give you and your team, or your valued clients, a chance to taste some of the most delicious, interesting, and unique wines in the world, paired with delicious offerings from some of Seattle's finest restaurants. Events feature a staff of experienced and knowledgeable sommeliers, and are another great way to learn about wine in a low-pressure setting. Be sure to ask about the Signature Bottle program, for a chance to taste one-of-a-kind wines you can't just find anywhere.


Wedding Planning can be extremely stressful, but if you'd like to provide your friends and loved ones with an unforgettable experience, leave the drinks to us! We'll work with you to highlight the flavors and regions you love, and to ensure that your drink program reflects your own personality and love. Custom cocktails, champagne toasts, and more.


Consulting Services are also available for special events, private collectors, and restaurants looking to improve their wine service. I'm happy to put my extensive connections within Seattle's wine, restaurant, and bar scene to work on your behalf!

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