Corporate Classes

Want a fun team-building exercise for your office, department, or group? Want to impress a favored client? Want to learn how to confidently select wine when hosting clients? Vine Trainings are a perfect way to both have fun and develop important skills within a workplace environment. Classes can be focused on ordering in a restaurant setting, general wine appreciation, or just a fun and informal tasting, and can be for groups both small and large.

Public Classes

We offer regular classes at The Court in the Square, located at 401 2nd Ave S in the heart of Seattle's oldest neighborhood, Pioneer Square. Our most popular offerings are Wine 101 and the Washington Wine Primer, though a variety of other classes are also taught. For dates of classes, check our Calendar, and to purchase tickets, please visit our online store.

Wine Happy Hours

Care to explore the world of wine pairing in a relaxed environment, complete with delicious food and exciting wines? Consider putting on a wine happy hour for your office, clients, or anyone else you want to make happy. We'll pick out exciting and delightful wines to enjoy with food from some of Seattle's finest restaurants. Happy hours also feature specialty bottles and other one-of-a-kind tasting options.  

Special Events

Want to make your wedding truly special? Transcend the usual wine service and get a customized beverage program that you and your guests will remember for years to come. Custom cocktails, special wines, and a personalized level of service and choice will make your big day all the more memorable.

In-home Classes

It's the perfect party: you, your friends, and some delicious wines! The class includes a minimum of seven wines, several hours of personalized and hands-on instruction, and a whole lot of fun. All you need is seating for 10-12 people and somewhere for us to set our wine glasses!  Perfect for birthdays, anniversaries, bachelor or bachelorette parties, or any time you want to gather your friends together for an unforgettable evening!

Staff Trainings

Are you looking to upgrade the wine selection in your restaurant or bar? Want to educate your staff, to improve sales and enhance the guest experience? I teach a wide range of classes, from wine basics to upselling to formal wine service. Classes can be tailored to fit your clientele and wine list.

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